Waiting for the Blues next one hundred percent humidity, late summer temperatures to ” external ‘, but scorching inside of the bowls.

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VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV uses surprise – First quarter Slam final for the American Danielle Collins, the world number 35, who left just two games in 56 minutes by raiding the unfortunate Angelique Kerber, who won this tournament in 2016 and champion charging at Wimbledon. The Collins has held exchanges without conceding a lot and has benefited from the bad day the German, the service free (zero aces, five double faults, 26% of the points made in the first and 36% in the second) and very Fallosa from the baseline (6 winners and 17 unforced errors).

Danielle Collins challenge now Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, the ATP number 44, winner of the junior tournament in 2006 and 2007, who returns in the quarter as in 2017: beat the Stephens 6-7 (3) 6-3 6-3 in two hours and 32, a game ended almost two in the morning. Tomorrow they will complete the second round: the big match will be between the world number 1 Simona Halep and seven-time champion Serena Williams; Muguruza-Pliskova complete the program, Osaka-Sevastova and Keys-Svitolina.

Danielle Collins, nmero 35 WTA. AFP Luca Marianantoni

November 15, 2018 – Milan Gian Paolo Montali (Michel Platini) posing with the Ryder Cup continues the path of the project Roma 2022 Ryder Cup stops, on Sunday, to Milan with the event “Golf in Piazza”. Idea evocative and interesting, presented yesterday at the Palazzo della Regione Lombardia, which will allow everyone to experience the pleasure of Golf, is in the Lombardy Town Square that in the enchanting surroundings of the putting green on the 39th floor of the Belvedere of the same regional Palace . eight-hour program to Sunday, from 10 to 18, with the curious and fans who can grapple with clubs and balls, through the qualified technical assistance in addition to the Infopoint to have all the information for how to start the adventure on the green.

All in a day peppered with fun, music and entertainment. Lombardy leaders – Targeted and highly significant the choice of Milan, the heart of Lombardy, the region with the highest number of practitioners and Golf Club.

Says Gian Paolo Montali, great sportsman star in volleyball before and in football then and now General Manager of the Project Ryder Cup 2022: “I think Milan is the perfect choice, after the event organized in Desenzano del Garda, to host the fourth leg of the” Road to Rome in 2022 “. Symbol of National Golf driving the region, both for club (well 73) and for practitioners (almost 24 thousand). The place is also ideal to tell the popularity of the Ryder Cup, has as a sporting event, the third after the Olympics and Soccer World Cup. ” Golf for everyone – Pleasant atmosphere and fun, with a special attention also to non-sporting aspects.

As the possibility to check up free dermatological promoted by the Melanoma Foundation. See you full of news to try to involve an increasing number of fans possible. “We want to create – continues Montali- a different perception of golf discipline. We want to understand not only the beauty of the sport of racing and, above all, explaining the accessibility as well as the Golf is a sport for everyone, absolutely not elitist and suitable for all ages.

A day like Sunday will help us to promote and develop this theme involving hopefully new fans. ” excellence – To strengthen their argument for Montali, aimed to break down old stereotypes about the course, the presence of two blue young, Alessia Nobilio and Lorenzo Scalise top 100 bookmakers uk, already protagonists in various international festivals: “I have had the joy – tells the Milan 17 year old silver at Youth Olympic Games 2018- to live live the magic of the Ryder Cup as they convened in the junior selection of the European team. Feel all of the public’s passion and interest around the competition, I still shudder with emotion. ” Unique sensations and want to try to be in Rome in 2022 as the 23 year old says of Vimercate, neo professional who has a 11th place at the Open of Italy in 2015 (best finish for amateurs): “Being able to attend the Ryder Rome 2022 is definitely an ambitious goal, I’ll have to work hard but it is already important to nurture this dream, made possible thanks to the projects and the continuous support of the Federation “. Marco Taminelli

February 28, 2019 – Milano Just a few more days and the champion Gianluca Formicone will be the new World: her third, perhaps the last of his extraordinary career, certainly the most anticipated. In fact the champion Teramo missing only the “glory” of the individual World.

And ‘with his greatest ambition and his gripe for years: in 2005, in Detroit, had to be content silver (to triumph was the Swiss Davide Bianchi), while in 2010, in Rome, finished third, preceded by the Chilean Rodolfo Galvez and the Austrian Nicholas Claus (the World was addressed to the latter). Born in 1971, endowed with exceptional talent (his skills in berth, are legendary), Formicone aims to climb the top step of the podium in Argentina, exactly in San Miguel de Tucuman.

They will leave, along with the Abruzzo player, even the champions Luca Viscusi (his partner to companies to Caccialanza Milan), Chiara Morano and Elisa Luccarini, led by the scrutineers Giuseppe Pallucca, Germana Cantarini and accompanied by the federal vice president and head of the delegation, Moreno Rosati.  Gianluca Gianluca Formicone Formicone NEWS ‘There are two main key innovations of the South American competition: for the first time win who will be first to 12 points or will lead within forty-five minutes during preliminary stages (go up to sixty in the final ), and, for the first time, it will also be awarded the title of mixed couple (other than those of male and female individual). Gianluca Formicone debut next Wednesday.

In the weekend it is instead expected to finish at the Federal Technical Center in Rome. The delegation will arrive in our capital to 12 on Saturday, to start training in the early afternoon. Sunday morning last session, prior to transfer to the airport: at 18 he will fly to Buenos Aires.

Fourteen hours by plane, plus two more to reach San Miguel de Tucuman. Waiting for the Blues next one hundred percent humidity, late summer temperatures to ” external ‘, but scorching inside of the bowls. The concentration of Gianluca Formicone CLIMATE FIERY “I played many times in South America – explains Formicone -, so I expect a fiery climate, in every sense.

It will be a bedlam, we must focus only on the game. For my part I can say that I prefer the heat to the cold. The timed games? Not a problem for me. Rather I would prefer meetings to fifteen points, or two challenges to the twelve. ” In his career the Abruzzo athlete has won virtually any type of competition: nineteen Italian titles (including team championships and individual), eight European (it is among other champion in both the individual specialties, both in the team, having triumphed in Crema in October 2016), seven World Championships.

He won the overall classification of the High Level thirteen times, won two World Games, the Mediterranean Games in 1997, eight Italian Committee Cups, six league titles and two hundred and eighty national races. FIELD AND GYM His motives are very strong and, in Argentina, will not be supported only by his teammates but virtually entire Italy. “I recently lost both parents. And ‘all happened too fast: last year I managed to win despite allenassi me just because of my family problems.

From January to now I have stepped up training, both on bowling greens, both in the gym. Arrival ready for the great appointment. I’ll play with my parents in the heart. ” To man the record lacks only “one” medal: “If fate wills it, I will win.” Francesco Servadio

12 March 2019 – Milan Ferrari SF90 with the logo for the 90th anniversary of the Scuderia Ferrari race the Australian GP with the commemorative logo of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Scuderia. It will rear wing and its lateral bulkheads, the dome engine and the side of the front bulkhead of the car that already in its initials, SF90, celebrating the historical date and obviously on the overalls of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. If the first Ferrari has left the factory in Maranello in 1947, the Scuderia has arisen instead November 16, 1929 as Società Anonima Scuderia Ferrari with headquarters in Via Trento e Trieste in Modena.