Friday, January 26, 2007 Pre-registration at the university, here we go …

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Friday, January 26, 2007 Pre-registration at the university, here we go … A new registration system at the top is set up in 59 universities of 84 Many schools have already received or will receive by in late February forms "of university orientation aid procedure" aimed at final year students and addressed by different universities of the sector. Besides their scores in the last three years of study, they will be indicate the formations in which they plan to enroll in 2007-2008. And a few lines of motivation. Everything will be returned to college for high school (mid-February). Each responsible for academic licenses will then separate the "good" students who seem to have underachieved him to enroll in its sector. The students then receive individually a positive or negative opinion. But as the saying very explicitly Circular (called "active guidance") given that a colleague told me, "regardless of the recommendation of the university, the student will remain free of its final choice" The same ciculaire recalls that 11 % of general graduates; 30% of technological baccalaureat and 61% of professional graduates leave university without a degree. But this reform, however, may create a stir because it attacks as powerful symbols of freedom and more meritocratic myth. "Station to a situation that could become explosive" (Humanity). While the pre-electoral context may seem unfavorable to catch ministerial decision, the mobilization is strong among teachers. The strike of the FSU was a success and next February 8, these are all the unions that called the strike. It is not only the question of purchasing power but also job cuts and savings from "hours of discharge" at the heart of the discontent. One can even say that it is even deeper and it reflects exasperation and fed to the contempt which they consider to be the object. In other words: it boils in the halls of teachers … … Happy Reading ——————————- ————— Liberation 26/01/07 ———————– Nothing see … ———————- Le Figaro 26/01/07 Pre-registration at universities, go! A new referral system, supposed to prevent misdirection of the graduates, is implemented in 59 volunteers faculties of 84. Read more of the article Dies best avoided Psychology, Staps, biology, science or human medicine are university courses risky for a young student. Read more of the article The army goes in search of new recruits a new recruitment campaign aims to reverse the rate of applications down. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 25/01/07 (a day late) the teachers again ready to fight the participation in the strike of February 8 was confirmed in education. Taking the lead, the Seine-Saint-Denis has already launched major operations. Read more of the article concerned SNES on the purchasing power SNES-FSU, the main union in secondary school, expressed concern about the "situation of erosion" of the purchasing power of teachers, reference a recent study by three economists Read More Article ———————————— —————- Le Parisien on 26/01/07 (paying) Why must monitor your teens blogs This is the Internet version diary. Young crazy about blogs and French teens are champions on the matter: 20,000 blogs are created every day in France. Parents should keep an eye on this tool, which … Read More of Article DAVID FAYON expert Internet * "This is the first generation born mouse" How do you explain the success of blogs for young people ? David Fayon. It is a French specificity. Nowhere, one attends such a rush of teenagers on blogs. Young French people have more than others the need to write …. Read More Article Sophia tells her friends, her mother and her cell … SAME TIME, Sophia has somewhat neglected the blog that it has created two years ago. "I had a lot of work in college. I have not written article since December, "laments the teenager of 14, installed in front of his computer in Biot … Read more of the article" With parents, we do can more ! "PLATFORM Skyblog has further enriched yesterday, nearly 18 000 small diaries (countdown to midnight) … which can be read by everyone! Read more of the article How the sites controlled IF represent tremendous areas of freedom for young Internet users, blogs are not provided outside the law. "The blogger is free to speak, but his freedom does not allow him to say and write everything, Read article —————— —————————— the Cross of 26/01/07 french lesson mail, spam, podcasting … the site of the Quebec Office of the french language tracks anglicisms and finds their french counterparts Read more of the article ————————- ———————— 20 minutes from 26/01/07 Emmanuel Hoog (President of INA): "Get young people to politics "this is our public service mission to get young people to politics. From next Tuesday, you can even download mobile ringtones with the "bites" celebrated our elected since 1946! Seriously, it is essential to be able to show in pictures how the debate on topics such as security and housing. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 26/01/07 sects change your Lobbying and "therapists" tend to take the place of traditional gurus More Article ——— ————————————— West of France 26/01/07 Nothing seen … ———————————————– – Le Monde 27/01/07 the European Commission for help foreign students in Belgium and Austria An infringement procedure was opened, Wednesday 24 January, the European Commission against Belgium and Austria, which apply quotas, deemed discriminatory towards foreign students, especially in their medical universities. While recognizing that this issue "is particularly sensitive", the EU sent to Austria and Executive to Belgium "letters of formal notice" asking them to explain the restrictions on access to their educational systems higher for holders of secondary education diplomas obtained in other Member States. Read more of the article The program six "E" candidate Bayrou (…) The former Minister of Education, also detailed its program on education. "I am so that we guarantee the children arriving in sixth mastery of reading, writing and arithmetic," he said. "To restore trust between the school and the French, it is necessary to upgrade its image and stop denigrating [faculty]." About degradations and indiscipline in schools, he advocated "the extraction of offending children and the establishment of a teaching adapted with special educators, without which they are subject to a non -assistance a person in danger. " Bayrou returned on the condition of deserving students, asking that the state provides the means for a young person "from a popular neighborhood has the same chances that young educated at Lycee Henri IV in Paris." Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 26/01/07 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the of 26/01/07 Nothing seen … ——————————– ————————— selection in the 26/01/07 dispatches on 1 February, the "smoking corner" in smoke in a few days the "smoking corner" should have gone to schools, hospitals, and even companies where they can however be replaced by specially equipped locations. Read more of the article The French hostile to "Americanization" of research (survey) The French are hostile to strengthen links between public research and the private sector, as well as the selection of students to entry universities, according to an LH2 poll released Friday by the daily 20 minutes and RMC radio. Read more of the article CNE and single contract: Unef Sarkozy predicted a "disavowal of Youth" The student union UNEF, write my homework for me in canada
the leading challenge to the CPE has protested Thursday against the will of Nicolas Sarkozy " draw "the new hires contract (CNE) to create a single labor contract predicting it" a powerful repudiation on the part of youth. " Read more of the article The mother of a severely disabled child threatened with expulsion, his father not an Algerian undocumented mother of two children, one of which suffers from a severe handicap, received a letter from the forcing him to leave French territory the same day her husband, on the contrary, learned the extension of his residence permit, said Friday RESF. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Friday, January 26, 2007